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ALPA Collaboration

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Over the past months I have been working with Alpa Cameras Switzerland on their new large format video system "Alpa Platon". The scope is consulting and testing of the system. It is a privilege to be working close with young and motivated engineers on a new and innovative camera system.

In the past weeks I have been lucky to be shooting some of the first images with the camera and the gorgeous lens kit. I will be posting various work and samples in the weeks to come as projects role out.

For more insight on the camera system go visit Alpa Cameras.


Shot on Arri AlexaMini LF & Alpa Switar

Directed by Matteo Atttanasio & Carlos Ribeiro Art Direction: Carlos Ribeiro, Mish Madish, Basil Prinz Cast: Ennia Face, Giulio Falcone, Mish Madish, Prinz Basil, Valerie Caminada, Valerie Chaves Song: Tough Young Guys - Zebra Centauri

Air Zermatt & Benno Bikes Collaboration

Alpa Platon & Alpa Switar

Mama Pictures GmbH, Zurich

Balearic B-Roll

Lens: Alpa Switar

Talent: Laso Schaller, Martina von Dall Armi

Super8 Shooter - Mood Spec

Lens: Switar 35mm, 3.5

Talent: AKH

Gimbal Test - Mood Spec

Lens: Switar 35mm, 3.5/ Switar 80mm, 2.5

Talent: AKH

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