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Rhätische Bahn Lotto

I am currently working on a little movie for Jung von Matt/ Limmat. The client is the Rhätische Bahn. As a promotion asset for their new panoramic route through Graubünden I was asked to direct a movie depicting the event in a documentary style. Together with DOP Greg Pedat we decided to shoot with some vintage glas (Lomo OKC11) to give the image a beautiful soft touch rigged on a light Sony FS5. For some production value we added a DJI Phantom Drone. As the production rolled before the actual event logistics, weather and timing where a big concern which where managed perfectly through 21solutions GmbH.

Here is the promo release for the event - the actual movie will be released sometime August 2017.

Sony FS5 with Lomo OKC11

Myself operating the drone

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